How Somali president responds is more important than Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to Dhoobleey!

How Somali president responds is more important than Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to Dhoobleey!

What better respond Farmaajo is going to give than to claim the ownership of his country with pure words, words stronger than a bullet fire and an action which may correspond what Uhuru did. I interpret Uhuru’s visit to Dhoobleey not provocative but a searching for a kind of reaction. This is what really matters most right now; how our newly elected president will react will have historical effects on Somali as a nation. On the other hand, this is an opportunity for Farmaajo to exercise his theory of restoring Somalis integrity as a nation and I really encourage to my president to grab the opportunity and not misuse it. I have already illustrated what Kenya wants of Somalia on my article: Somalia-down-to-a-grave-digged-by-its-own-citizens/ . And my mean propose is not to repeat the same lines again, instead I want to discuss on here what Uhuru’s visit really means on political perspective. Before I go in deeply in the heart of the subject, I would like to summarize Uhuru’s Kenyans visit as a personal attack to Farmaajo simply because he wants to know his potential not as a good leader but strong one. My president Farmaajo has only two options in order to react what his counterpart, Kenyan president did. The two options I would call one foolish-like option and the other shrewd one.

My president has only either of two options left, a foolish-like option or shrewd one!

To start with the foolish- like option, it really means that president Farmaajo shows his reaction on Uhuru’s visit with an objection of the invitation he has already received from Kenya that is to say the participation of African conference which is going to be held in Nairobi, home of Uhuru Kenyatta. I think many of Somali political analysists may already have suggest this option as revenge, but I think on the contrary, because I see it as childish behavior which is unworthy to be used as retaliation. The shrewd option is that Somali president, Mr Farmaajo attends the conference and when it comes the time that the president meets Uhuru Kenyatta that Somali president dresses himself a military dress and this will simply send a signal that Farmaajo has understood what Uhuru really meant when he did visit to Somalia without the knowledge of Somali leadership. I think that many of my readers will speculate  the impossibility of my latter option-the shrewd one, but I am going to say my readers that many impossible steps where already taken, even Uhuru’s visit to Dhoobleey without any authorization from Somali government was not only impossible but a violation of Somalis sovereignty. On the other hand, if my president has a better proposition, we Somalis ask to show us with an action, this is what we are asking for. But why I really urge to Somali president to react is going to cover the following part on my article.


But why is it important to Somali president to react Uhuru’s visit? Here is the answer:

My president, I have a justifiable reason to inspire you to act against what Uhuru did. It concerns a good and strong leader and this I can associate with a scientific political theory. I have no better example than Nicco Machavellis masterpiece, the prince written 1513 almost now 504 years ago is still unchallengeable political handbook which may be endless well of wisdom for any leader who has the intellectual capacity to understand not only how to use but when, where, why and for whom is to be used. Chapter 19 in Machiavelli’s book, the prince, He says the leader or the prince should avoid all things which cause people to hate him. He continues and adds that violating other’s woman and property is the main way to be hated- do not do this, he says. And he concludes three qualities that any leader should guard against to be considered and four that any leader should endeavor to show:

1. Changeable

2. Not serious

3. Womanly

Instead the leader should endeavor to show his:

1. Greatness

2. Courage

3. Fortitude

4. Gravity importance, seriousness

My president, what Uhuru Kenyatta really wants to know is how serious you are and your potentiality of being great and courageous leader. Now is your turn to react and Somalis wonder what kind of reaction.

Cali Amiin

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