Somaliland with or without Khaatumo (Cali Khaliif?

Somaliland with or without Khaatumo (Cali Khaliif?

Somaliland with or without Khaatumo (Cali Khaliif?

It is actually going to be a tiresome business to speak about Somaliland without Cali Khaliif, because we have already experienced how Somaliland’s political drama has been without Cali Khaliif for the last two decades. On the other hand, enough ink has flowed over the subject, Somaliland’s project as a whole and I myself believe that no more interesting drama is left. But what really may attract the attention of Somali people, in my point of view, is a speculation over the future, that is to say how Somaliland with Cali Khaliif is going to look like? What Cali Khaliif can contribute to the whole Somaliland’s project? Who is Cali Khaliif in terms of his political history, what does he want from Somaliland right now? How serious is Cali Khaliif ? And the last; is Cali Khaliif ready to die for Somaliland? The answers of these questions will determine how Somaliland with Cali Khaliif will look like. But the key question which shows itself is going to be; who is the right person who would give the right answers of above questions. I think, not a single person but Cali Khaliif himself is the right person to give the right responses to the questions. He should give the answers to both, the people he is to and the people he is from. On the other hand, I believe some of the questions are open for discussion.

Who is Cali Khaliif in terms of his political history?

Cali Khaliif, like Siilaanyo, is an old product of more than 57 years Somalis complex and unstable political affairs and although he has once become Somali prime minister, yet he is still unsatisfied and hungry for one of the top posts. What I am really aware of is that for the last three years he was delivering a call of “Khaatumoland” to the Somalia Federal Government and his call was ignored and no one asked “why”?   I contemplate, nothing was wrong with Cali Khaliif’s call except that it was not received by right persons. But who were right persons? The right persons are international community who still force Somaliland to be not part of “Somalia” but part of Somali Federal Government. Leaders from that part of Somalia were and still are- against their will- forced to be the sixth autonomous region of Somalia.

Somaliland with Cali Khaliif may bring a new alternative story!

The term gooni isu taag is almost 25 years old now and Cali Khaliif , as many north-leaders always express if I am not wrong, was one of the midwives of that term. The term has been instrumental and contributing the Somaliland political system positively; it helped to create a sense of nationalism among the different sub-clans who inhabit that part of Somalia. But, now after 25 years many believe that a new story is to be invented that would last if possible another 25 years. Because, Yuval Noah Harari, in his book, Home Sapiens, he stated that we humans, in orders to work together and work for a single goal, must have fictional stories which make us accept one and other That is why Ahmed Ismail Samatar has too many times raised the question; do we the north people need to rewrite our history? Because he did know how cheap the idea that leaders before him were trying to sell was professor-ahmed-i-samatar-is-a-hope-for-somaliland/. One may even interpret the meeting of Cali Khaliif and Somaliland to be a part of Ahmed’s project of rewriting Somaliland’s history.  Nevertheless, with the arrival of Cali Khaliif to Hargeisa, a new alternative story would soon emerge, but unfortunately I am unable to share with you exactly what the new alternative story will be. On the other hand, I can imagine that it may be; together we demand an equal share of Maandeeq and this was not possible without Cali Khaliif, because the argument was uncomplete. Even the present Somaliland leaders themselves were fully aware of the importance of Laascaanood for their project.

Cali Khaliif will never die with Somaliland neither will he die for it!

Mr Khaliif wants not from Somaliland less than he already has had and with running of the time, the word comprise, I think, may have no a room in his dictionary for he may think that it is too late to compromise now. I really don’t know what will really happen if Cali Khaliif could not get more than he asked for Somalia Federal Government. But, what I am aware of and have also learnt from Somali politicians like his age is that they are changeable. This will give us an impression that Cali Khaliif will neither die with Somaliland nor die for it. What Cali Khaliif really wanted to do was exactly as Shariif of South-West land and Abdi Wali of Puntland did, from the Somali Federal Government to the president of Khatuma land and that dream did not come true. What we Somalis are expecting to witness now is that Cali Khaliif and Ahmed Ismail Samatar with Somaliland representatives may appear in the next meeting between Somaliland and Somalia.

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