Ajuran endorses Nunoh as Abdullahi’s number 2

Ajuran endorses Nunoh as Abdullahi’s number 2

Ajuran endorses Nunoh as Abdullahi’s number 2

Elders and professionals from the Ajuran clan have endorsed Ahmed Nunow as Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi’s running-mate.

They said in Wajir town on Saturday that they made the decision “after wide consultations”.
Secretary general of the Waqle Professionals and Governing Council Ahmed Hefow said the community wants Nunow to deputise Abdullahi after the August 8 polls.
“In our shared mission of non-discriminatory development, peace and unity, we have endorsed Abdullahi for a second term and blessed Nunow to be his running-mate,” he said.
Hefow dismissed claims that a section of elders from the clan rejected Nunow.
Last week, reports had it that some elders, led by chairman Hassan Shobay, said there were no consultations and community input in the selection.

But Hefow termed it a ploy to sabotage the clan’s choice.

Nunoh is a high-school teacher.
Hefow said a nine-member committee voted and Nunoh was backed by five.
“First, we invited applications from clan members interested in deputising the incumbent. Three people — Mohamed Abdullahi Yahya, Daud Ibrahim and Ahmed Nunow — applied,” he added.
Applicants were required to have provided voluntary service to show they care about residents. They deposited a Sh100,000 nonrefundable fee each. Further, they had to satisfy requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity.

“Our role was to provide direction for the clan and identify the most-qualified individual in the best interests of the people,” Hefow said.

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