Somali People know what you Drs Adna of Somaliland did last summer!

Somali People know what you Drs Adna of Somaliland did last summer!

Even my wife was named after her by her grandmother who was at that time the same age as Adna for she was one of the very few well-educated Somalian female at that period. I can also assume that one can now find in Mogadishu, Kismayo or elsewhere in Somalia many Somalian women whom she was an icon at that period. However, now that Adna has gone, she is not there. For the last nearly 25 years she was preoccupied to make up from one irrelevant argument of the cause to another so that she can prove that she is no longer Somali to those she refers to International Community, people who used to colonize her father. She was so intoxicated by the cause Somaliland that she has even forgotten the Somali proverb which says (Sedkaaga ma wayside sixun wax ha u raadin).I still remember her speech which was published 27 Jun 2012 . Adna who was trying to win the hearts and the minds of her ex-colonizers put her main argument as follows: “The people of Somaliland have no intention of reuniting with a failed state that is Somalia. And who in their right minds would want to unite with Al-Shabaab, is that what you would like to do? Who is their right minds would want to unite with pirates, with terrorists, with warlords, it cannot happen, and it will not happen, it must not happen because that will be a loss to the international community” . I can personally understand why she is doing this; it is only that she is running from injustice that is it. But, the question is how? Is this your main argument by which you are going to get
an equivalent share of Maandeeq?

However, Adnas whole speech reminds me one important account in Alexis De Tocqueville’s book Democracy In America. Speaking about the behavior of the Negro at the time of slavery Alexis describes in this way: “The Negro makes a thousand fruitless efforts to insinuate himself amongst men who repulse him; he conforms to the tastes of his oppressors, adopts their opinions, and hopes by imitating them to form a part of their community. Having been told from infancy that his race is naturally inferior to that of the whites, he assents to the proposition and is ashamed of his own each of his features he discovers a trace of slavery, and, if it were in his power, he would willingly rid of everything that makes him what he is (2004:387-388)”.
Adna as a special envoy
Now after 5 years of her speech, Adna has been nominated as a special envoy to Somaliland talks with Somalia by Siilaanyo Adminstration. This means that she will lead a team that will represent the rest of Somali people who inhabit that part of Somali. To put it another way her team will be representing young men and women who are already exhausted paying the price of bad decisions taken by some of the present leaders. Nevertheless, Adna is now expected to develop new arguments because there are new people whom she will discuss with the issue, let me say the right people. What I know is that she has been accustomed to make arguments suitable for the ears of the strangers (non-Somalis) but now she must adapt to new methods so that she will win the hearts of the minds of the right people, people whom she share with more than what the international community do. Some Somali people from Somaliland have already suggested after her nomination that she must give a meaningful apologize to that speech in 2012 if she is to be accepted as special envoy to Somaliland talks with Somalia, maxay-adna-adan-ismaciil-ka-aaminsan-tahay-somaliya-iyo-somalida. But, I am against to that proposition. For Adna was personally responsible for the contents of her argument so is everyone else who is involved in this cause now and the future talks. I believe that how Adna and her team will present their arguments even now is not so important compared with our goal to a powerful united Somali. I would personally suggest to the Somali present administration leaded by Farmaajo and Khayre to not only greet Adnas nomination as the special envoy to those talks for Somaliland’s side without condition but also forgive the mistake which she made five years ago and consider it as an error made by Somalian grandmother.

Cali Amiin

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