The corrupt tribal businessman Mohamed aw Sacid Guedi former business was illegal trade such as smuggling cigarettes form Djibouti in to Ex-Somalia in 80ts and smuggling second hand clothes between the unprotected borders of Somaliland & Ethiopia

The corrupt tribal businessman Mohamed aw Sacid Guedi former business was illegal trade such as smuggling cigarettes form Djibouti in to Ex-Somalia in 80ts and smuggling second hand clothes between the unprotected borders of Somaliland & Ethiopia

To begin with, the corrupt tribal mined businessman Mohamed aw Sacid Guedi original trade type was smuggling cigarettes between Djibouti and ex-Somalia and smuggling second hand closes from Somaliland to Ethiopia via the countries open border which is not noticeable by the two custom officials and this type of business are illegal under the international law. Smuggling meant violating national news of your country reason, smugglers avoid paying tax what is part of nation revenue. Smuggling is immoral business reason being corrupt of business. Smuggling encourages the spread of corruption in nation and good example is the corrupt tribal mined businessman Mohamed aw Sacid Guedi. That guy uses his wealth as a mechanism to corrupt the society as involves everything that violates the moral mandatory value. He executes every type of dirty deals even to bribe government officials and political parties. He uses his as tool to harm and divide society. An even immoral deed which is shame to other businessman is common practices. Reliable from his own inner family, told he requested some of the former minsters during the former government under the leadership of Dahir Riyaale to resign from the subject in exchange of luxury amount of money which many of these ministers have accepted and benefited the dirty these dirty deals.

Corruption inevitably leads to a diminished business climate when the public trust is put at risk Corruption can take many forms that can include graft, bribery, embezzlement and extortion. Its existence reduces business credibility and profits when professionals misuse their positions for personal gain. It is impossible to for to make free and fair election in view of involvement of this corrupt business. In corruption with corrupt government, this man hijacks the Independence. If our people have no choice to do what is good for their country, then certainly, they are not Independent. It is no doubt that, this corrupt guy will intervene the due kulmiya party next conferences. The corrupt guy lobbing the bribe the party officials to nominate warlord Muse Bixi as party candidate offering luxury amount of money to the corrupt party officials. That is certain unless our people speak against the corrupt deeds of this guy. This will make impossible that everyone has the right to have an equal opportunity to become a candidate for election. The criteria for participation in government shall be determined in accordance with party charter. This guy is lobbying the least wanted in our society. His original wealth being acquired through corruption and smuggling of goods in unprotected posts of the border, equally he employ political corruption by favouring candidates from each other.

There is tens of Kulmiye party officials’ worth to be party candidates for the post of president in our due election, but this guy is against anything against the logic, everything good for people even to his close members including his children and immediate cousins. His own brother in law who is also immediate cousin inform me none of his children that many of them obtained master decree is not employed in any of his various companies let alone his immediate cousins. Reliable sources informed that, he even planted differences, hostilities and suspension among his inner family members and that sourced him to feel insecure which forced to hire his security guards to protect him from his family members. The question is what of deeds we can expect someone like above quality. Certainty, something worse than what is said in the above which cause carries something not good the shares values of our people What regard his smuggling trade in the past, first and foremost, what is smuggling? Internationally there are two types of trade namely illegal trade smuggling and legal trading and, but what is the differences between them. Smuggling typically refers to the act of transporting some object into or out of a location in a way that is against the laws of that location. There are a number of different ways in which this action can occur, and many different products that are liable to be smuggled from one location to another. A great deal of this activity occurs in the form of objects that are illegal in a particular country or region being secretly brought into that area. Smuggling is also often done to surpass any taxes or legal conditions placed on the import or export of various items. There are many different types of smuggling, and the laws of a country or region will typically indicate what activities are considered illegal. In general, smuggled goods are usually taken across a border, such as from one state into another, from one country into another, or into or out of a particular building such as a prison.

It is this transportation of the object across the border of two distinct locations that constitutes the act of smuggling. Smuggling is those that involve transporting an item that is illegal in a particular area into that area. This often involves narcotics or weapons. There is also a tremendous amount of human smuggling or human trafficking which occurs in an effort to avoid the immigration law of various countries. Many of the people smuggled through such trafficking operations are then forced by their smugglers into various forms of labour once they reach their destination, since their presence in the new area is illegal. Smuggling often arises in an effort to move otherwise legal items into or out of a country in a way that avoids taxes or other legal conditions. Goods such as certain foods, narcotics, and weapons may all legally be transported into some countries, but there is often a tariff or fee that must be paid on such products. Smugglers often transport such products into and out of countries illegally in an effort to avoid these fees and make greater profits on the sale of such items. When those involved in smuggling are discovered, they typically face jail time and punitive fines, as well as the seizure of the goods being smuggled.Human trafficking is part of smuggling and it is unethical Behaviour .When the news about corrupt business professionals breaks, customers lose respect and trust. In addition to the inefficient use of resources, corruption can have a number of other economic impacts on business. Employee ranks often are inflated to cover up the corrupt professional’s activities.

The cost of increasing employee ranks in addition to any embezzlement that is going on is passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. Prices also can be inflated when corruption takes place outside a company in the form of corrupt government officials who take bribes. Consumers pay the costs of vendor corruption when purchasing agents require payoffs, or when vendors skim profits and raise prices to cover their illegal activities. The trickle down effect of corruption usually ends up feeding black market interests, and may even support the efforts of organized crime as the activities infiltrate various business levels. Corruption begets continued criminal activity when it goes undetected. The effects of corruption in emerging third world countries is evident and widespread where competition and greed can outweigh the good of society, corruption fuels the growth of criminal enterprises and eventually affects the society in which the business operates.

The bottom line is, let us speak on joint and united voice to isolate this corrupt tribal minded businessman from our society in an effort to save our society from his never lasting corruption that will cause serious negative impact to our society unless we bring halt to his corruption practice explained in the above.In short, according to reliable sources, the corrupt tribal businessman Mohamed aw Sacid Guedi former business was illegal trade such as smuggling cigarettes form Djibouti in to Ex-Somalia in 80ts and smuggling second hand clothes between the unprotected borders of Somaliland & Ethiopia.Part 5 will follow shortly. Sources of the story his brother in law who also immediate cousin.

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