Somaliland election fraud can be solved by disqualifying all Kulmiye votes

Somaliland election fraud can be solved by disqualifying all Kulmiye votes

Of course peace is itself a paradise, a tree that gives its shade to all people, without distictiion and disrimination. But peace needs justice. It needs prosperity and power.and progress to maintain it.

We can not realisticaly argue that there is peace in Somaliland. We have what we call tranquility or a temporary respite, to put the context in its own proper pretext.

Peace is not just the absence of violence. Nor it is the absence of chaos and crimes. Peace is when we have a rule of law in which the rights of some people are not secured by the denial of the rights to others. There is no peace in where the mutual adjustment of what people rightfully share and are willing to pursue, is unwittingly denied.

There are two types of peace: Positive peace and Negative peace. Which type of peace do most of us believe that we have in Somaliland?

We have negative peace in Somaliland. A peace without justice is not a peace. A peace without justice is fragile and volitile. It can be easily broken by deliquent youth, who grew up in a system of unrestrained political corruption.

Peace is a balancing of power and prosperity. It is all about moral authority, a manifestation of equal opportunities for all. It is the consistency to willingly and wisely protect human rights. Peace is the sunshine and the air we breathe. So whose interest it is to provocate peace and whose interest it is to make it prevail? Those who govern or those who are governed, or the rich or the poor?

A conflict of interest can provocate peace, and interest is where the real clashes that lead to violence begin. The ills in public services and illusion of power can arouse peoples’ anger and cause chaos. Oppression and abuse of power might cause clashes between people and their government.

The voilence that erupted last Thursday in some Somaliland cities was provoked by Siilaanyo government and the national election commision.

Presidential election is a critical contest between political parties which are struggling for power. It is a concern that could not be taken lightly. The count of votes is where concern and cause of clashes arises. Each party has the right to raise a complaint against vote rigging and must be convinced by the commission by recounting the votes.

The real problem arises when the national commission ignores a party’s complaint to impress others parties in the race. Playing fair in election result is like a payment of a debt in its due date, a responsibility never to be neglected.

It is proved now that vote rigging had taken place through the facilitation of the govenment authorities. Intimidation and attacks on voters at polling stations and intimidation and expulsion of Wadani vote observing agents from polling station is an example of how vote manipulation by Kulmiye and their associates has been fulfillled.

The failure by the election commission to listen and look into Wadani complaint about Kulmiye’s vote manipulation was actually an organized conspiricy meant to undermine Somaliland existence. It was a collusion between Siilaanyo and Somaliland national election commission. And the only sense behind this was to make Wadani party lose the election by hook and crook.

The demonstration caused human casulties, and there is not, and there will not be mindless escalation. Those who are responsiple for vote irregularities must not go unpunished.

Recounting votes and removing illegal voting forms from election votes is not a just solution. The justifiable solution is to disqualify all Kulmiye votes and declare Mr Cirro as the elected president. No compromise, no concession.

Love of country, subordination of personal interests to the common good, concern and care for the helpless and the impoverished – these are among the lost and faded values that Wadani party seek to recover and revitalize as we commence our journey towards a better Somaliland.

By: Jama Falaag
Hargeisa, Somaliland

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